A message of appreciation from Michael and I to our tireless health line workers who are working 24/7 to help us all cope with this wobbly world. ♥️


As lockdown extends in many countries I want you all to know I’m thinking of you and sending my love.

To fight the boredom I invented a lockdown activity called “Scroodling” where you scribble something without looking or thinking and then colour it in.

It’s quite fun – here’s a few of mine. ♥️

Popov & Twirly
Mrs Sultan Rush Ra & Blob Eyes


Hello Mummies in lockdown with their kids, here’s a couple of Popov the Genie stories I found lurking in the garage that I wrote years ago.

I thought I’d record them and send them out and hope it entertains
the wee ones for ten minutes and gives you all a coffee break.

Maybe they’d like to draw some of the characters too? I’d love to see them!

Lisa ♥️


Hello Friends,

What a strange time we’re in. I hope you’re all coping in these trying times. I’ve started a silver linings list on my phone to help me find some positives. Like finally having the time to answer all my emails! And sort out a lifetime of photos into albums. Hope you can find some silver linings too. 

Take care 
Lisa ♥️

Unite against covert 19
Stay home – Stay well – Stay safe


Lisa goes to air this Wednesday the 5th February on Shortland Street. Playing the role of businesswoman Michelle Beaufort.

Shortland Street airs weeknights at pm on TVNZ.

Click here to read an article on Stuff NZ.


Happy New Year Friends,

2020 is filled with great energy and clarity – 20/20 vision! I’m clear about resting more as you can see, and working less. More time for health and happiness, friends and whanau. Hope you’re feeling positive about this new decade – best yet I reckon. 🎉🌈♥️🍾🍦🍷🌳🏝✈️💓🥦👏🥰😘

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