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Lisa xx

Cameo Lisa Chappell


Merry Christmas Friends,

I hope you have as wonderful a time with your loved ones this Christmas as we had back in 1992 in the Chappell household – I just wish I could remember what made Mum and me laugh so much!

Lisa xx

DI and VIV and ROSE

This is a beautiful, funny, touching play about female friendship spanning the decades. So how appropriate to be working with these wonderful women again from the beginning of my career.

Jodie and Theresa and I worked on ATC’s – All My Sons, Eilish and I worked on Court Theatres – The Herbal Bed and Steph and I worked on The Sneeze at what’s now The Basement.

All brilliant, funny, talented women that I adore. We’re going to have a ball with this one. Come along and enjoy!

Fusion Productions Presents
Pumphouse Theatre
10-20 NOV


After being postponed for COVID, The Campervan is back in rehearsal and on stage Sept 2022

Kathryn Burnett is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright. Her name can be found on many successful TV series including the recent TVNZ tele-feature The Tender Trap, black comedy Fresh Eggs, Black Hands, The Strip and award-winning children’s Sci-fi drama series The Cul de Sac. Her most recent TV work includes the soon to air My Life is Murder starring Lucy Lawless and rom-com Under The Vines starring Rebecca Gibney.

Simon Prast is a director and actor who was the founder of the Auckland Theatre Company in 1992 and director of the first Auckland Festival AK03. From Gloss to The Gulf, from 12 Angry Men to To Kill A Mockingbird, Simon will be a familiar face to many. He recently completed the world premiere season of Shane Bosher’s new play Everything After and can currently be seen in the new political satire Talkback, now playing on TVNZ On Demand.

Andrew’s career as an actor began in the 1980s, on London’s West End as well as in TV dramas and feature films, also working alongside Robert Redford in Spy Game. Since emigrating to New Zealand Andrew has rapidly built up an impressive collection of screen credits including The Brokenwood Mysteries, Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune as well as many stage performances, the most recent in the acclaimed Nightsong production of Te Po at the Bruce Mason Theatre.

The Campervan is cleverly relatable to so many life events…. Forget the mid-life crisis – welcome to the full-blown 60th birthday meltdown! A comedy about the absolute havoc that can be caused by good intentions, combined with the realization that time is catching up with what we might want to achieve in life. Successful businessman Hugh and his younger second wife Tamsin live a life of luxury. But when Hugh decides something is missing and he wants to give away his millions as a legacy to a good cause and live in a caravan, the family wheels are bound to fall off…….

Tadpole Productions
Pumphouse Theatre
Sept 7-18


I’m loving narrating this show which showcases the amazing men and women who are there when you need them to be, whether it’s up a mountain, out at sea or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They make your worst day infinitely better. Heroes the lot of them. An uplifting show which I’m proud to be a part of.

If you’d like to donate to this wonderful cause click on the link below.

First Responders
Monday 8.30pm
Channel One and TVNZ on demand


Lisa was interviewed by Joshua Joynes from New Idea on her Tiny House living. Issue out Monday 7th Feb 2022

“More trees, less people!” This has been Lisa Chappell’s mantra for the past few years – and when New Idea pays a visit to her home in Puhoi, Auckland, it’s clear she lives and breathes by it.

Read the article here

Photos by Michelle Hyslop

Watch the Today Extra Video below.


Twenty years ago today Mcleod’s Daughters went to air. It feels like such a special milestone and something to celebrate for all of us involved including our audience. It was a dream job and a dream character for me and I will be forever grateful for the experience. Five female leads! Women running a property! As one journalist put it, “There’s some badass feminism there.” And from many a letter from our fans I know it has inspired so many women to follow their dream and go work and live on the land. So inspiring. I’ve also been told how it’s helped heal many a broken heart and bring families together. This is the gold for me. I’ve always believed story-telling is not only a creative art but a healing art and Mcleod’s has proved that. A big shout out to our creator Posie, our beautiful cast and our amazing crew. Wow. It feels like yesterday and also a lifetime ago.

Happy 20th Anniversary Mcleods! We love you.


A message of appreciation from Michael and I to our tireless health line workers who are working 24/7 to help us all cope with this wobbly world. ♥️


As lockdown extends in many countries I want you all to know I’m thinking of you and sending my love.

To fight the boredom I invented a lockdown activity called “Scroodling” where you scribble something without looking or thinking and then colour it in.

It’s quite fun – here’s a few of mine. ♥️

Popov & Twirly
Mrs Sultan Rush Ra & Blob Eyes


Hello Mummies in lockdown with their kids, here’s a couple of Popov the Genie stories I found lurking in the garage that I wrote years ago.

I thought I’d record them and send them out and hope it entertains
the wee ones for ten minutes and gives you all a coffee break.

Maybe they’d like to draw some of the characters too? I’d love to see them!

Lisa ♥️


Hello Friends,

What a strange time we’re in. I hope you’re all coping in these trying times. I’ve started a silver linings list on my phone to help me find some positives. Like finally having the time to answer all my emails! And sort out a lifetime of photos into albums. Hope you can find some silver linings too. 

Take care 
Lisa ♥️

Unite against covert 19
Stay home – Stay well – Stay safe


Lisa goes to air this Wednesday the 5th February on Shortland Street. Playing the role of businesswoman Michelle Beaufort.

Shortland Street airs weeknights at pm on TVNZ.

Click here to read an article on Stuff NZ.


Happy New Year Friends,

2020 is filled with great energy and clarity – 20/20 vision! I’m clear about resting more as you can see, and working less. More time for health and happiness, friends and whanau. Hope you’re feeling positive about this new decade – best yet I reckon. 🎉🌈♥️🍾🍦🍷🌳🏝✈️💓🥦👏🥰😘

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