One of our great stories. New Zealand’s and the world’s’ – Michael King
In the 1980s, Beatrice Hill Tinsley was a celebrated cosmologist, acknowledged by the American Astronomical Society for her outstanding research contribution to astrophysics, with a main-belt asteroid named in her honour.
But just ten years previously it had been a very different story.
Married, with two adopted children, Beatrice and her husband had moved from New Zealand to Dallas, Texas. There, she attempted to forge a career as an astronomer at the completely male dominated Dallas University while also coming up against the expectations of Dallas society, where women were expected to stay at home and raise the family.
In the end, her brilliant inquiring mind and a desire to prove that existing theories of
the universe were wrong forced Beatrice into making the heartbreaking decision to
leave her family to follow her brilliant destiny. The rest, as they say, is history. In
New Zealand, however, Beatrice’s story and the personal sacrifices she made for
the advancement of science have remained relatively unknown.

Bright Star by Stuart Hoar, changes all that and brings Beatrice Hill Tinsley’s
extraordinary true story to life in a beautifully crafted piece of theatre directed by
Paul Gittins, with a stellar cast including Lisa Chappell, Bruce Phillips, David Aston,
Matt Baker and Chelsea McEwan Millar.

4-16 September 
Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


20180716_214521139_iOSTONGUE TIED

Tongue Tied airs on Maori Television next Thursday, 19th July at 9pm.

“I’ve never laughed or had so much fun making a series in my entire telvision career, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.”
Lisa x



The entertainment highlight of the year, the ASB season of Shortland Street the Musical bursts onto the ASB Waterfront Theatre stage this November!
An affectionate parody of the soap genre and a celebration of our beloved Kiwi serial drama, the ASB season of Shortland Street the Musical is erupting with infectious tunes, side-splitting laughs and 90s throwbacks! Relive the cliffhanger storylines injected with gut-busting musical numbers including “Not in Guatemala Now” and “The Five Wives of Doctor Warner”.
The show will also be touring nationally in March and April 2019.

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