Bad Day Insurance, Fred and ON/OFF are available for hire. Please contact info@lisachappell.net for details.

baddayinsuranceposterBAD DAY INSURANCE – Play

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for having a bad day? Well in this futuristic comedy you can, just take out a policy and make a claim next time your boyfriend cheats on you under Arsehole Protection because here at Bad Day Insurance it pays to have a bad day.

“Bad Day Insurance reminds that going through all the ups and downs of life is what makes us human, and living is the ultimate pay out because the alternative really is a bad day.”

This little gem is a very original, rather absurd comedy, but with darker undertones of tragic lost love and a life spent ‘living in the past’. – Sydney Arts Guide

Talent of this calibre is a rare and beautiful thing, and to see Chappell and Hytner invent something that moves us on so many levels, is aweinspiring. – Suzy Go See – Theatre Blogger

Bad Day Insurance will leave you scratching your head, even as you laugh it off. It’s another winning show from Lisa Chappell. – Lisa Thatcher – Theatre Blogger

fredposterFRED –  Play

A one woman show about cannibalism and ice-cream.

Deidre lives on her own struggling to pay her bills, bullied by her students and mourning the death of her cat. But when two handsome salesmen knock on her door with a hidden agenda and a taste for the macabre, Deidre’s problems have just begun.

Lisa Chappell’s self-penned, one woman show is a macabre comedy that takes us a million mules away from the wholesome, girl-next-door persona of Mcleod’s Daughter. It’s wildly imaginative story telling. Chappell establishes a captivating presence and displays a wonderful facility for entering into the voice of her characters. – THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD

Lisa Chappell not only shows once again that she is one of New Zealand’s most watchable actors, with one of the most compelling voices heard in The Basement for a long time, she also reveals a playwright’s fine intellect and an appetite to write out on a limb.Would I recommend it to enthusiastic lovers of risk-taking mind-expanding theatre? Hell yes, absolutely! – THEATREVIEW

photoON/OFF – Musical Play

The cabaret with more drama off stage than on.

Meet the odd couple, Maddy and Sara, two small time cabaret singers with big time dreams. Just before the curtain goes up Sara gets dumped and Maddy realises that she’s pregnant. Jazz standards such as “Get Happy” and “The Man I love” take on a whole new connotation as we watch the performers mask go on and then slowly slip off as the struggle through their tumultuous show.

The show is entertaining, engaging, hilarious, yet quite heart-breaking. The music is spectacular and Chappell and Dikkenberg’s voices are like liquid gold. – Australian Stage Review

Lisa Chappell’s presence in the tiny Bordello Theatre is colossal, and her acting is faultless. – Suzy Go See – Theatre Blogger

The results are both hilarious and entertaining, a real credit to the actors talents. – Dinner and a Show Review


A pilot who has developed a fear of heights undergoes hypnotherapy before each flight in order to keep his job and unwittingly becomes a drug mule for his hypnotherapist.


Meet The McDougalls; three generations of Quakers under one roof battling to keep their singing telegramme business afloat. Watch them struggle to spread the light and make sweet harmony in The Singing Zoo.


Ambitious cabaret singer Letitia Lush discovers that her idol Frank Sinatra attributes his fame to his enormous lung capacity.
She uses her reclusive sister Rose as a human guinea pig to chase and beat his record, but complications arise when Letitia’s
manager discovers there’s more than one singer in the family.
Old rivalry and new takes the siblings to the edge… and throws them over.

EXTREME THERAPY– Television Series

What happens when your shrink is crazier than you?

Maxine is a sex therapist that’s not having sex. She wants sex. She’s just not having it. She wants children but she can’t have them.
So when Maxine finds out her husband has a pregnant mistress… she goes nuts.

SISTERS – Feature Film

On a road trip to scatter their mother’s ashes three estranged sisters learn to love again.

STUFF – Play

A level four hoarder, confronted by his estranged daughter to sort out his life, challenges her to a game; he’ll let go of something physical, if she lets go of something emotional. As the game progresses they uncover a past neither of them are prepared to face.

PEARL – Feature Film

A grieving mother discovers a new family on the streets of Sydney.


Childhood sweethearts face up to their past in limbo.